Apple Doesn’t Just Want To Reinvent Your TV, But Your Remote Too

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Apple could be working on a new touchscreen universal remote control that works with your TV and other household appliances. Apple filed a patent for such a device last year, AppleInsider has learned.According to the patent, the remote will be able to control TVs, stereos, home theatre equipment, and possibly even “smart” appliances.

The screen will adapt to only show the controls you need for each device. It’ll also automatically discover compatible appliances so you don’t have to input codes like you do with current universal remotes.

Apple says in the patent that its intent is to simplify the clunky remote controls that come with devices today.

With all the talk surrounding Apple’s rumoured television set, it’s exciting to see some concrete evidence that the company is working on stuff for the living room.

Read more about the patent filing on AppleInsider >

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