Apple wants to sell you a $1,000 stand so you can use its new $5,000 monitor

  • Apple’s new 32-inch Pro Display XDR monitor displays up to 6K resolution, but it will cost you $US5,000.
  • Sadly, that wont cover the cost of the Pro Display stand, which costs another $US1,000. If you can’t afford both, Apple is offering a VESA mount adaptor for the Pro Display XDR for $US200.
  • Without the $US1,000 Pro Stand or the $US200 VESA Mount Adaptor, you’ll need to find another way to keep the expensive monitor standing up.
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Apple just announced the Pro Display XDR, a $US5,000 32-inch Retina 6K monitor designed to give users the highest possible grade of visual fidelity with more than a billion dynamic colours and an impressive 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

While the Pro Display XDR boasts an impressive list of features, its expensive price tag puts it far outside the range of most consumer-level monitors. On top of the $US5,000 cost of the monitor, buyers will also need to pony up another $US1,000 if they want a proper stand, since the Pro Display XDR is really just the screen alone.

The Pro Stand allows users to rotate the 32-inch Pro Display into portrait mode and adjust the viewing angle, and connects to the Pro Display XDR using a magnetic connection. If that’s out of your price range, Apple is also offering a $US200 VESA Mount Adaptor that lets you mount the Pro Display on an existing monitor stand.

The Pro Display XDR was announced alongside the new Mac Pro at Apple’s 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. When you factor in the Pro Stand, the Pro Display XDR costs just as much as the base model of the newly announced computer at $US6,000.

While the Pro Display has a hefty price tag, Apple has described the monitor as a tool for professionals working in video production and graphic design. The Pro Display XDR has enhanced brightness, HDR 10 support, and special calibration features to help professionals manage a wide spectrum of colour and contrast in their work. The Pro Display’s built-in reference modes and LED calibration are designed to further streamline that process.

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However, without the Pro Stand or VESA Mount Adaptor, the Pro Display XDR wont be able to stand up on its own, so investing in one of the two choices pretty much feels mandatory if you’re going to use the large monitor. With any luck, third-party companies may be able to develop some cheaper alternatives when the display goes on sale in the fall.

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