Apple Didn't Take Part In Secret Government Data Mining Program Until After Steve Jobs Death

steve jobs presentation

The big news of the night is a bombshell Washington Post report that details how the U.S. government have been able to compel nine leading American Internet companies into providing data in a secret program.

The companies involved are Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple.

While some companies began working with the program when it started in 2007, Congress actually gave the U.S. government the ability to compel a reluctant company to comply in 2008.

However, there’s an interest angle here regarding Apple. As Ravi Somaiya of the New York Times points out, somehow Apple managed to avoid complying until a point in 2012 — around six months after Steve Jobs death.

That’s more than five years after Microsoft became the program’s first corporate partner in May 2007. While there’s no indication that Jobs was personally involved in the decision, it’s certainly interesting timing.

Also, Apple isn’t the only major tech company to resist. The Washington Post notes that Twitter is notably absent from the list of companies complying.

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