Apple Did Nine Acquisitions In The Last Year, And Plans To Do More

tim cook


Apple is actually quite acquisitive, despite appearances to the contrary.

CEO Tim Cook revealed Apple has bought nine companies since October.

Previously, Apple bought about six to seven companies a year. 

He hinted that Apple will probably buy more companies this year, too.

Apple doesn’t disclose acquisitions unless it must. 

This is a different strategy than, say, Yahoo, which announces every little company it buys (and then, usually, shuts down).

The reason for the different approaches: Yahoo is trying to regain its cool, and appear to be a safe landing spot for startups. For a long time, companies stayed away from Yahoo.

Apple doesn’t have this problem. It deals with a different issue. Apple doesn’t want the world to know what it’s working on. Small acquisitions could tip its hand.

Cook also said he wouldn’t rule out bigger acquisitions for Apple. The most important question for Cook when it comes to a bigger acquisition: Will it help us make a better product?

He also revealed that Apple did not bid on Waze, the social-mapping startup that is reportedly getting $1 billion offers from Facebook and Google

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