Watch an Apple designer talk about storing every single memory you've ever had

Apple's Tom GruberTed/ScreenshotApple’s Tom Gruber

Apple’s Tom Gruber gave a talk for TED in April about his vision for a future where computers and artificial intelligence can supercharge what humans can do. 

TED posted the Siri co-creator’s talk online on Monday. 

In the short, 10 minute discussion, Gruber imagines a product or service that could make a human’s memory “as good as computer memory.”

“What if you could remember every person you ever met, how to pronounce their name, their family details, their favourite sports, the last conversation you had with them?” Gruber asked. 

“From the tiniest clue, it could help you retrieve anything you’ve ever seen or heard before. Imagine what that would do for the ability to make new connections and form new ideas,” he continued. 

Tom Gruber TalkTed/ScreenshotOne application may could be never forgetting anyone’s name again, like in this augmented reality.

Gruber calls Siri a “humanistic AI,” or artificial intelligence software that collaborates with people and augments, and sees a memory-enhancing AI as a logical conclusion of voice assistants like Siri. 

He still works for Apple though, and didn’t reveal any details on future products — just the big picture thinking that’s informing its development. 

From the talk:

“I believe that AI will make personal memory enhancement a reality. I can’t say when or what form factors are involved, but I think it’s inevitable, because the very things that make AI successful today — the availability of comprehensive data and the ability for machines to make sense of that data — can be applied to the data of our lives. And those data are here today, available for all of us, because we lead digitally mediated lives, in mobile and online.”

It’s a refreshingly positive view of the future. Watch the entire video below:


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