Apple Denounces Steve Jobs Figure, Threatens Legal Action

steve jobs action figure

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Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of staging your own Apple press conferences, or feel the late Steve Jobs is the only superhero big enough to take down Megatron.For those reasons alone, the Steve Jobs action figure would seem like an ideal purchase. Currently in production by In Icons, the 12-inch doll bears an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s famous co-founder, and comes with everything you’d need, from two pairs of glasses to black turtleneck and blue jeans; the wedding ring is especially odd.

Apparently, the company is nearly sold out of the $99.99 figurine, and it may not sell many more if Apple has its way. According to Mashable, the tech company has threatened to sue In Icons if it continues to produce plastic Steve Jobs, arguing that its very existence is a criminal offence.


Should Apple succeed (we hear its lawyers can be very persuasive), expect the product to go for big bucks online. In fact, we spied one on eBay for $550.

What do you think? Loving homage to one of the biggest tech heads, or an abomination?