Apple denied a report that it's building an app to help iPhone users switch to Android

Sorry, unhappy iPhone customers: Apple isn’t going to help you switch over to Android any time soon.

The Cupertino company has denied reports that it is secretly working on an app that will help users transfer their data over from iOS to an Android smartphone.

The claim was first made by The Telegraph, which cited a “senior industry source” as the basis of its information. The tool was — apparently — the result of pressure from European telecoms companies.

But an Apple spokesperson has told Re/code: “There is no truth to this rumour. We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.”

As we pointed out when the rumour surfaced, it seemed unusual: As the smartphone market in the West has matured, Apple has increasingly focused on persuading “switchers” to move from Android to iOS. Giving these “switchers” an easier exit route would fly directly in the face of this.

Apple does already have one switching app — albeit working in the opposite direction.“Move to iOS” is an Android app seeking to help users transfer their contacts, photos, and other data to an iPhone. It’s one of just three apps that Apple makes for Android — along with Apple Music and an app that controls the Beats Pill+ speaker.

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