Apple is slashing prices on USB-C accessories amid complaints about the new MacBook Pro

Apple is slashing prices on accessories that use the new USB-C standard in an effort to ease the transition to the new type of plug it added to the redesigned MacBooks.

The price cut is temporary. It starts now and will last through the end of 2016. Many items are heavily discounted, and many third-party accessories will be about 25% cheaper. (See the full list below.)

The move comes as Apple faced harsh criticism from the professional community since the company introduced the new MacBook Pro a little over a week ago. Some are frustrated that Apple eliminated ports in the new MacBook Pro like standard USB and the SD card reader that many professionals found useful. The MacBook Pro only has Thunderbolt 3 ports, which are based on the new USB-C standard and used for everything from video output to charging the computer.

“We are extremely excited about the new MacBook Pro, which is the best pro notebook we’ve ever made. It has the fastest CPU, graphics, memory, storage and I/O, best display, the innovative Touch Bar and more. MacBook Pro uses the most advanced industry-standard connector, USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, to provide maximum performance, expandability and compatibility,” an Apple spokesperson told Business Insider in a statement.

“We recognise that many users, especially pros, rely on legacy connectors to get work done today and they face a transition,” the spokesperson added. “We want to help them move to the latest technology and peripherals, as well as accelerate the growth of this new ecosystem. Through the end of the year, we are reducing prices on all USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 peripherals we sell, as well as the prices on Apple’s USB-C adapters and cables.”

Macbook pro usb-c ports
The new Thunderbolt 3 ports on the MacBook Pro. Steve Kovach/Business Insider

While just about everyone agrees USB-C is the future, we’re stuck in a transition period, which means you’ll have to use new cables, adapters, or dongles to use your older accessories with the new MacBook Pro. The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern even devoted a whole column to the fact that dongles will be part of our reality as we transition to USB-C on computers and wireless audio on mobile devices.

The price cuts for first-party accessories made by Apple will be available at the Apple Store, Apple’s online store, and some third-party retailers. You’re limited to five first-party accessories at a discount. Third-party accessories will be available at the Apple Store and Apple’s online store. You’ll be limited to three third-party accessories at a discount.

Here’s a list of the price cuts:

First-party accessories

  • USB-C to USB adaptor: from $19 to $9
  • Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adaptor: from $49 to $29
  • USB-C to Lightning cable, 1 meter: from $25 to $19
  • USB-C to Lightning cable, 2 meters: from $35 to $29
  • USB-C digital AV multiport adaptor: from $69 to $49
  • USB-C VGA multiport adaptor: from $69 to $49

Third-party accessories

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro SD UHS-II Card USB-C reader: from $49 to $29
  • Other third-party USB-C peripherals: about 25% off

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