Apple Cuts iPad Production, Chinese News Story Says

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A few days ago, a Chinese web site ran a story about how black-market prices for the new iPad have dropped in China–so much so that smugglers were returning iPads to Apple Stores in the US instead of shipping them to China and reselling them.Now, the same site has a story about how Apple has cut back production of new iPads.

Employees at Foxconn’s Longhua assembly plant, the story says, are working so little (relatively) that they are “bored.”

As with the prior China Gate story, here are a couple of key caveats:

  • We’re reading the story via Google Translate, which may be mistranslating something
  • The entire story (or web site) could be fake¬†

Now, if Apple really is cutting back iPad production, this is not necessarily bad news.

Apple could have ramped up production prior to launch to meet the huge expected launch demand, and now that the launch demand has been satisfied, it could be throttling back to a less-frantic cruise production level.¬† If we had to bet, we’d bet that’s what’s going on here.

On the negative side, it could also mean that demand for the new iPad has waned quickly or is not as strong as Apple thought it would be.

One thing that seems clear, though, is that Apple is now capable of making enough iPads to meet demand. This has occasionally not been the case in the past.

If you know more (or think we’re misreading this story), please reach out ([email protected]) or weigh in in the comments.

Here’s the Google Translate version of the story:

new iPad sales were flat: Foxconn workers leave the cattle at a loss (Figure)
New iPad sales were flat: Foxconn workers holiday cattle at a loss (Figure)

Article Source: First Financial Daily 2012-03-27 21:09:45 – News from the major news media, news content is not represent Benwang position.
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Holiday is a holiday! “Foxconn workers king bridges (a pseudonym) a few stay in the dormitory in March, not yet the end has been put for 10 days for production line workers like him have been assembled in the iPad said, this was the first time to see. He told First Financial Daily (microblogging) “, if you continue like this, his home pay this month may be less than 2000 yuan.

King of bridges is a Foxconn factory in Shenzhen Longhua iPad3 one of the production line workers, usually shipped from various parts of the parts are assembled, a full of iPad3- Batteries, motherboards, camera, screen and casing – these parts will be in accordance with the different groups, allocation of assembly-line workers. Beginning in March of this year, the production line iPad3 yield has been declining. Bridges Wang told reporters the previous 10 hours a day to do the amount of 8 hours to finish, and then on holiday two days.

IPad3 is a class of mass production by the beginning of this year, the first of each production line, 8 hours of regular classes plus two hours of overtime, almost the amount of production in 1000. The time of the peak in February can be done every hours 150 to 180. “However, since March, assembly iPad3 workers started getting shorter, sometimes bored with five days of regular classes can not be maintained.

A month ago, Wang bridges work week six days, rest one day, and now work four days per week, 3 days holiday, originally planned pay raise to the home and then purchase some furniture, it now appears to have “fate”. “Basic salary of 2350 yuan, deduction of social security 190 yuan, 120 yuan of housing provident fund, $ 110 per accommodation, plus food money, very sad day of this month, better than the older employees is not as good as the day of new employees.” The workload is Foxconn important assessment indicators of the production line workers’ wages.

IPad3 the production has lagged behind the iPhone, after the start of the Chengdu factory, our side of the output is small. “King of bridges heard over time, the floor where 20 production lines, but also to separate the The bar for other purposes, as the staff will also re-distribute.

Always bustling Huaqiang North on the mobile phone market, love in Daomaidaomai the scalpers seem to not be happy. A parallel importers, told reporters iPad3 16G, for example, the first day of listing of recovery price in Hong Kong is just the original price of 3888 was HK $ plus $ 300 this week recovery price to below 3200 yuan. “Do not make money, break down goods has been very good.”

Listed on the new iPad design and iPad2 basically no difference, but from our recent supply adequacy in the first batch of listed areas, so the price of the new iPad speculation is not up. “Hu Lin, Huaqiang North operates a less than 5 square meters of shops, 22 o’clock every day, he would time the consignment to the buyers all over the country selling Apple models.

New iPad listed a lot of people are its full of very big expectations, hoping to profit from iPad listed, but did not imagine from the first day of listing of New iPad price so high. “According to the current market. store hundreds of boxes of goods is likely to be down the drain. “Hu said Lin.

Reporters in Guangzhou China Plaza near the phone in town to visit to see the sources are abundant, low iPad3 price some “outrageous” iPad3 16G either black or white recovery price is 3150 yuan, brokers can earn about 200 yuan of profits, iPad3 32G black, price is only 3800 yuan, 50 yuan white your only 3850 yuan. “Price for the 32G’s iPad3 basically making money.” One dealer said.

And here’s the original >

Apple Cuts iPad Production

Photo: China Gate

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