Apple's Working On IPhones With Big, Curved Screens And Pressure-Sensitive Touch Sensors

Iphone air conceptFuse ChickenAnother Apple concept idea — the iPhone Air

Apple is developing two new iPhones for release in 2014, Tim Culpan of Bloomberg reports, citing a “person familiar with the matter.”

The phones will reportedly have 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens with curved glass.

Both will be considerably larger than the current iPhone 5s, which feature 4-inch screens. The 5.5-inch screen would approach the size of Samsung’s Galaxy Note, which is 5.7 inches.

Apple is also developing new touch sensors that can distinguish different levels of pressure, Bloomberg reports. But these won’t be ready in time for use with the new iPhones.

The iPhone is by far Apple’s most important and profitable product, and many iPhone users have been eagerly awaiting the company’s launch of a larger screen. If the Bloomberg report is right, iPhone owners will finally get their wish next year, with two bigger sizes to choose from.

And then there will apparently be this curved glass idea, which sounds significantly less beneficial.

Read the Bloomberg report here >

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