Apple Could Have Some Sort Of TV Event This November

Apple could be planning to release a new TV-focused product this fall.

However, it’s unlikely to be the full-blown television everyone is clamoring for.

Technology reporter turned venture capitalist MG Siegler passed along some gossip on what he’s hearing about Apple on John Gruber’s podcast:

Not to go into rumour central here but the latest things like I’ve heard are some sort of television product — not necessarily a television screen but something — could be coming as soon as this November. And I think there’s some surprises there about what it could actually be and I don’t for sure what it could actually be but there’s been whispers about, so I’m not going to write anything about it, but there’s whispers out there that the interaction with it could be the interesting thing. People have talked about voice, but I think that’s out the window and there might be some new way to interact with whatever this thing is.

So, it sounds like there might be a new TV-product that has a new interaction model this November. Maybe!

Siegler is very plugged-in to the tech world as a VC. He’s meeting with dozens of startups, and other people in tech every week. He also used to be a reporter, so he has some sources in the industry.

He doesn’t go into more detail than that, so that’s all we have to work with.

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