Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Wants To Call Australia Home And Is Joining UTS As An Adjunct Professor

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will join UTS. Photo: Getty Images

Apple co-founder and creative genius Steve Wozniak has been trying to become an Australian citizen since 2012 and is edging closer to his dream by joining the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) as an adjunct professor.

Wozniak will fulfill his role at UTS three times a year, for a few weeks at a time, Fairfax Media reported.

“I intend to call myself an Australian, feel Australian and study the history and become as much of a real citizen here as I can,” he said.

The Apple co-founder was invited by UTS Professor Mary-Anne Williams to be a part of UTS’ Magic Lab which develops innovative technologies such as social robots, autonomous cars and artificial intelligence.

The famed inventor will “beam” into labs via a telepresence robot, enabling him to manoeuvre around the room and have a physical presence.

The addition of Wozniak to UTS follows the appointment of Twitter and Google entrepreneur Ori Allon as an adjunct professor at the University of NSW.

UTS PhD student and Magic Lab regular Mahya Poueinag said meeting Wozniak was a life-changing experience.

“What we haven’t had in Australia is what students at Harvard and MIT have access to,” Ms Poueinag said. “The people that had done something really powerful in the world.

“Australia needs to invest in these people in order to compete with the best in the world.”

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