Apple Has A New Tear-Jerker Christmas Ad

Apple has a new ad for Christmas.

It shows a teenager spending time with the family, but constantly looking at his phone.

Then, when everyone is opening presents, he turns on the TV, which is hooked into an Apple TV, and boom, he surprises everyone with a beautiful video of everyone together for Christmas.

He wasn’t goofing off with his iPhone, he was actually crafting a lovely home movie of the family.

This is a great ad for a number of reasons.

At the base level, it shows off what an iPhone can do — shoot dynamic, crisp video, which can be edited right in the phone.

At a higher level, it plays into the themes of the classic 1926 ad with the headline, “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano — But When I Started To Play!” The family is feeling slighted, but when he plays the video, they all understand.

Anyway, enjoy:

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