Something Crazy Happened At An Apple Store In China

china apple smashed

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Reports are coming in from an Apple store in China about a conflict that left some people bloodied, and the glass of the store shattered.9 to 5 Mac has some of the details, and says there was an incident at the Beijing SanLiTun Apple store during the iPad 2 launch. It cites MyChinaViews which has photos and an account of what happened.

The MyChinaViews story isn’t exactly the best English, but it does say there was a brawl that wounded 4 people. It also seems to suggest there was a conflict between local people and foreign Apple employees, though we’re not certain about that.

This isn’t the first time we’ve read about riotous behaviour at a China Apple store. In September fights broke out at an Apple store over the iPhone 4.

The iPad 2 went on sale in China yesterday. It sold out quickly as hundreds of people lined up to buy it.

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