Apple changed the code on its website so the word 'click' didn't look like something much more inappropriate

Using some typefaces, the word “click” can look like a different word entirely. Place the “c” and “l” too close together, and it starts to get a bit unsuitable for family audiences.

Now, this isn’t isn’t a marketing headache any company wants to deal with. It looks like Apple has encountered this issue first hand — and has deployed some code to fix it.

As developer Dan Leeth pointed out on Twitter earlier this week , Apple deployed <span> tags in the formatting of a webpage promoting OS X El Capitan. This spaces out the letters a little more, making sure it all stays safe-for-work. (TechCrunch also previously reported on the code.)

Here’s that a little bigger (click to expand).

Here’s the word “click”, with and without the code.

Interestingly, Apple appears to have removed the <span> tags since this first came to light. An inspection of the page code shows (click to expand).

You can still see it in older, archived versions of the site, however (click to expand).

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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