Updated: iPhone In Asia This Year*

Update: After listening to an archive of Oppenheimer’s chat, it looks like Marketwatch got the story wrong, initially reporting that the iPhone would be on sale in China this year. Oppenheimer said the iPhone would be introduced in Asia this year, not China — which we already knew. Marketwatch just issued a correction.

Apple’s iPhone is already available in China — unofficially: At the end of last year, more than 400,000 “unlocked” iPhones were being used on China Mobile, the nation’s largest wireless carrier. But later this year, consumers should be able to buy Apple’s phones there legitimately.

At Morgan Stanley’s annual tech conference, Apple (AAPL) CFO Peter Oppenheimer said the company plans to sell its iPhones there in Asia “this year,” Marketwatch reports. Update: See correction above.

Either way, when the iPhone does make its way to China, it should help Apple with its goal of selling 10 million phones in 2008 — China Mobile (CHL) alone has 376 million subscribers. No word on which carrier(s) Apple will team up with in China.

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