Apple CEO Tim Cook: Facebook Is A 'Friend,' And I Always Thought We Should Do More Together

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Photo: ABC News (screenshot of a report)

Apple’s shareholder event was largely uneventful, but here are some highlights from CNBC’s Jon Fortt.When asked if Facebook is a friend or a foe, Cook said:

“Facebook: friend. We do a lot with them, our users use Facebook an enormous amount. … I’ve always thought that the two companies could do more together.” … “We’ve integrated Twitter … It’s been great for Twitter, but it’s been great for our users”

On the whole dividend/cash thing:

“On cash, we’ve been thinking about cash very deeply, the board has been looking into what is in shareholders’ best interest … We’ve spent billions on … Supply chain, retail, etc …. My message there is that the board and the management team are thinking about this very deeply … And we will do what we think is in the best interest of shareholders.”

On the idea of a stock split:

“We talk about everything we think is in the shareholders’ best interest. A stock split isn’t so clear.” (Cook says research suggests a short-term pop and later it resets, so in the long term it does nothing.)

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