Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to meet French president Emmanuel Macron

Apple ceo tim cook franceTim Cook/TwitterApple CEO Tim Cook (left) at Eldim in France.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is about to meet French president Emmanuel Macron.

The American technology executive is in France on Monday, and due to meet with Macron in the afternoon, according to reports in French-language tech blogs and Mac4Ever (which we saw via 9to5Mac). 

It’s not clear what will be discussed, though Mac4Ever suggests subjects like education and taxation may be on the agenda.

In 2016, Apple was hit with a €13 billion (£11.6 billion) tax bill over its tax arrangement sin Europe, and Ireland is now being taken to court over its failure to collect it. (Apple and Ireland both deny any wrongdoing.)

Security and encryption is another potential subject. France has been targeted in a string of terror attacks in recent years, and Macron has recently promised to “name and shame” tech firms that don’t do enough to tackle extremist content online.

Before his election earlier this year, Macron also signalled he wanted to crack down on tech firms’ use of end-to-end encryption in messaging apps — something that Cook has repeatedly and strongly defended.

The Apple exec has been tweeting about his meetings in France on Monday morning. He went to Eldin, an optical tech firm and Apple supplier, and also paid a visit to a war cemetery in Normandy, Northern France. The Cook-Macron meeting is scheduled for 4.15 p.m. local time.

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