Ivanka Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited an Idaho school to promote the benefits of Apple products for education

Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump visit students November 27 at an Idaho school. Apple
  • Apple CEOTim Cook and Ivanka Trump are visiting schools in Idaho on Tuesday, as part of a join White House initiative to further STEM education.
  • Local media captured video of both Cook and Trump arriving at Wilder Elementary, where they were greeted by a gathering of activists both in support of and in protest of their visit.
  • The Wilder school district was issued iPads and other technology back in 2016 through a grant from Apple as part of the ConnectED program, an Obama-era initatives.

A small town in Idaho with under 2,000 residents saw two high-profile visitors Tuesday at its elementary school: Apple CEO Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump.

The pair – a tech mogul and the daughter of the US President – travelled to a school district in Wilder, Idaho as part of a White House initiative centered on STEM education. The Trump administration and Apple first came together last year to partner on the effort.

Videos taken by media on scene showed Cook and Trump arriving at the school Tuesday.

Cook and Trump’s field trip to the school was accompanied by other visitors: protestors. While there were some (including those from ACLU Idaho) who showed up to protestTrump administration immigration policies, there was also a group of Wilder district students who walked out of school to protest the technology-led education program for its failure to actually further education.

News of the joint visit was first reported Monday night by the Idaho Statesman, and was confirmed in a tweet from Ivanka Trump early Tuesday morning.

According to a White House statement to the media, the visit to Idaho is part of Trump’s work on “ongoing workforce development and STEM initiatives.” Her efforts featured a trip in March to a job training and science facility in Iowa, a visit she said was spurred by a suggestion from Cook.

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In a tweet Tuesday afternoon, Ivanka Trump said the pair would use the visit to examine “firsthand” how technology, specifically Apple products, was being used to further student education. This school district is unique in its technology use – iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TVs have been found in every classroom since 2016.

The presence of Apple technology in the Wilder school district, where over 90 per cent of students are eligible for free lunch, is thanks to a grant from the teach giant. Apple pledged $US100 million back in 2014 to equip “undeserved schools” in the U.S. with technology that could further their educational experience, and the Wilder school district was one of the first places to be named as a beneficiary.

Apple launched this program, however, as part of a bigger ConnectED initiative that was actually started by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.