Apple CEO says AirPods are a 'runaway success'

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Apple CEO Tim Cook is in New York City for a few days this week and he stopped by the New York Stock Exchange to get a tour of the trading floor with his nephew.

CNBC managed to grab Cook for a quick interview, where they asked him about business at Apple and whether or not Apple is speeding up production of AirPods, the company’s first pair of truly wireless headphones that launched earlier this month.

“AirPods are a runaway succcess and we’re making them as fast as we can.”

Of course, without any actual data or sales figures, it’s hard to know what Cook means by “runaway success,” but we assume he means AirPods are still in high demand. (Frankly, we’re not sure why he would say otherwise.)

AirPods were first introduced at Apple’s iPhone event in September. They were originally slated to release in October, but Apple delayed the wireless earbuds saying it needed “a little more time.” Apple finally put AirPods on sale on December 13, but due to limited quantities (and likely very high demand), shipping and delivery dates for the headphones quickly slipped from December 2016 to January 2017 and beyond.

Though Apple’s $30 wired earbuds can do most of the same things, Apple’s $160 AirPods have received many positive reviews from critics, who praise the earbuds’ audio quality and battery life. There are some mixed feelings about the design of the AirPods themselves, and the lack of audio controls aside from play/pause, but customers seem to like them.

You can read our review of Apple’s AirPods right here.

NEW: Apple CEO Tim Cook tells CNBC that “it’s been a great holiday” and the company’s new Airpod headphones “are a run away success”
— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) December 28, 2016

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