Here's Some Of The Stuff Apple Could Buy With Its Insane $146 Billion Cash Hoard

Apple’s cash hoard remains mind-bogglingly strong. 

As of the most recent quarter, the company has $146.6 billion in cash, short term and long term securities. It generated $7.8 billion in cash from operations last quarter, which is normally its weakest quarter of the year.  

Apple is already giving away much of its cash through dividends and buybacks, which is kinda boring when you get right down to it. 

What would be a more interesting use of the cash? We’ve run through some ideas here.

Apple has ~41,000 retail employees around the world. It could give those each one of those hard working people a one time bonus of $3.5 million.

It could buy an iPad Mini for every single citizen of the United States.

Everyone says Apple needs to be more social. It could be instantly social if it bought Facebook ($63 billion), Twitter ($20 billion takeout?), and LinkedIn ($21 billion).

Apple could buy Amazon, which has a market cap of $136 billion. Why buy Amazon? For fun.

It could buy HP ($50 billion) and Dell ($24 billion) and shut them down just to have more of the PC market for itself.

Apple wants to disrupt TV, right? So buy the big TV show makers: Time Warner ($58 billion), CBS ($32 billion), 20 First Century Fox ($30 billion).

Actually, Apple's not really interested in content creation. It should just buy Comcast ($118 billion market cap). Then it can improve Comcast's software and deliver an awesome cable experience.

It could buy 4 Big Macs for every single person in the world!

Via: Bloomberg

Apple is interested in the car market, so why not buy Tesla, worth $14 billion, and Ford, worth $68 billion, and make an iCar?

It could buy every single NFL, MLB team, and NBA team. Then it would get the TV rights to the games for free for Apple TV.

Apple hates dealing with Samsung. So why not buy TSMC (market cap of $88 billion) to make its own chips, and ditch Samsung.

Want to see what Apple is really doing with its cash?

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