What It'll Be Like When Apple Takes Over Your Car

Apple has officially announced CarPlay, a means of natively bringing your iPhone’s capabilities into the car.

As Apple puts it, CarPlay “takes the things you want to do with your iPhone and puts them right on your car’s built-in display.”

This means you and passengers can send and receive email, texts, use GPS navigation via Apple Maps, and more. Of course it has Siri capabilities so that you can interact with it by voice, but you can also use your car’s knobs (for adjusting the volume, example) or your car display’s touchscreen. Apple says that if a certain control normally operates your car’s display, it’s compatible with CarPlay.

There’s no announcement yet on when we’ll see this available, but Apple has shared some cool teaser shots on its site.

Here's CarPlay's home screen. The user's iPhone is currently out of sight, but it would merely be showing the CarPlay logo -- it docks with the car.

You have a variety of options for interacting with it, from voice to touch.

GPS navigation is one of the most obvious applications here. You're no longer lost.

It will function as your carphone.

And you're never far away from sending or receiving text messages.

And whether it's your own music or the jukebox-style iTunes Radio, CarPlay is set to kick out the jams as you drive.

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