Apple Probably Isn’t Making Carbon fibre Gadgets

steve jobs and apple

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One of the most interesting Apple rumours of the past few days is that Apple is working on carbon fibre instead of aluminium for its iPod, and eventually iPhone and iPad lines.Here’s the thinking:

  • Apple wants great wireless syncing on its mobile gadgets and that’s hard to do with aluminium because it conducts electricity, therefore blocking wireless radio;
  • Apple recently hired a carbon fibre expert.

But Fast Company points out one little fact which complicates matters: carbon fibre also conducts electricity. So it’s not better than aluminium for wireless syncing. Whoops!

The post, which runs down the pluses and minuses of carbon fibre and aluminium, goes on to speculate that Apple might have hired a carbon fibre expert to work on carbon fibre chassis for its devices, which would make them lighter. Makes sense.

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