Apple Can Make Pretty Phones, But Samsung Made A Sea Vessel Bigger Than The Empire State Building

The thing that’s easy to forget about Samsung is that it is not just a maker of smartphones, TVs, and other consumer electronics.

It also makes huge industrial equipment. (That’s how the company accounts for something like 30% of South Korea’s economy.)

Samsung’s latest mega-gadget is something called Predude. Shell owns it. It’s called a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG).

It’s a 600,000 ton barge that was built in South Korea and will soon float down to Australia and park there for the next couple decades. It’s longer than the Empire State building is tall. It is 150 meters longer than the largest US aircraft carrier.

For an objective take, check out the BBC’s segment on the Prelude.

For a more promotional take from Shell, full of pretty pictures, watch this YouTube video:

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