Apple Can Certainly Play Watchmaker, But Don’t Expect Devices To Hit Your Wrist Any Time Soon

Apple iWatch rumours have hit the mainstream, thanks to reports from both The New York Times’ Nick Bilton and The Wall Street Journal’s Jessica Lessin, with sources describing “curved glass” “watch-like” prototypes, potentially with components in production testing at Apple supply-chain partner Foxconn. But before you label a jar “Apple iWatch Reserve Fund” and start pinching your pennies, consider the likelihood that this kind of tech is coming to store shelves soon, if at all.

Here’s the thing: Apple builds stuff all the time. Literally all the time they’re working on things, including the fabled Apple television set that has made Gene Munster’s predictions one of the longest current running jokes in the tech industry today. Would Apple build a wearable computer prototype? Given the success of iPod nano wristwatch case accessories, given the unprecedented crowdfunding of the Pebble smart watch, given Google’s clear and present interest in wearable tech with Google Glass, the answer is “of course.” But to build and to ship are two entirely different things, and Apple often does the former, but only selectively continues through to the latter.

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