Everyone's Talking About Apple's New 'Spaceship' Headquarters Again Today

Apple Campus 2

Apple has to revise plans for its futuristic new campus because the project is behind schedule and $2 billion over budget, reports MacRumors.

While the main spaceship-like building is still on schedule, Apple had to trim 300,000 square feet of construction costs from the budget.

This means that the secondary buildings surround the main building will be completed after the main campus is built MacRumors says. 

Despite these issues, the planned move in date is still summer 2016.

Check out the gallery below to see renders of Apple’s new campus.

*Owen Thomas contributed to this piece.

This new photo shows the landscaped green space for employee recreation. The round main building will be surrounded by nature.

Here's a view of the main building and green space linkage. A nice place to take a break from tweaking icon pixels.

This is a view of the Net Zero Energy Office, a research and development building. Paths will line the campus, which has lots of open space.

Here we get a view of the perimeter with bicycle and pedestrian enhancements.

This development overview details the various buildings that will surround the campus. The section highlighted in blue is the Tantau phase, which has been delayed.

Here it is from above. The roof will have solar panels.

Here's a schematic. The main building will span 2.8 million square feet and accommodate 12,000 employees.

The new building will occupy a campus formerly owned by Hewlett-Packard.

By putting most parking underground or in structures, there's room for 6,000 trees.

There are four floors in the main building—but it doesn't seem imposing.

Apple will take what it's learned from building glassy retail stores and apply it to the new building..

All that glass will let in natural light—making the building more efficient and greener.

Now that you've gotten your fill of Apple's new campus come visit the Flatiron School in New York.

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