Apple Reportedly Pays ~$35 Million For Cue, A Startup That Was Competing With Google Now

Apple has made another small acquisition, Alexis Tsotsis at TechCrunch reports.

It bought Cue, a startup that sounds like it did something similar to Siri or Google Now. Cue would troll through your email, contacts, and calendar to figure out your schedule. It then created a plan of upcoming events.

Tsotsis pegs the price of the buy at $US35-$60 million.

Apple has a low level version of this in iOS 7, the new software for the iPhone. The notification center for iOS 7 tells you what’s coming up on your calendar, the weather, and how long it would take to drive home.

Cue would presumably enhance this, adding new stuff.

Google already does a slightly more advanced version of all this with Google Now, which gives you driving directions, sports scores, the weather, and other forward-looking information.

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