Apple Buys Mobile Security Company AuthenTec For $356 Million

Tim Cook

Photo: AP

Apple just bought a mobile security firm called AuthenTec for $356 million.AuthenTec has filed an 8K announcing the news (.PDF).

In the filing it says “AuthenTec cannot comment on Apple’s intentions.”

AuthenTec most recently made news when it signed a big contract with Apple rival Samsung.

Reuters’s Sayantani Ghosh had that story:

The company, which makes fingerprint sensor chips used in personal computers and mobile devices, said Samsung would use its QuickSec Mobile VPN Client product that helps users connect their devices to enterprise networks.

Here are some relevant tweets from the anonymous Apple analyst who goes by the pseudonym “Sammy The Walrus”:

  • “AuthenTec: products include secure networking, content and data protection, access control and fingerprint security on PCs and mobile.”
  • “AuthenTec: We own 200 patents covering fingerprint sensors and sensor packaging, software, and end use.”
  • “With iPhones and iPads carrying so much vital user info, Apple is probably seeing the need for better security. Liking this acquisition.”
  • “Apple will be using AuthenTec’s tech in its products. Just give it some time. Apple doesn’t just buy things to rot.” 
  • “Interesting that AuthenTec’s biggest clients included almost all of the mobile giants (except Apple).”
  • “AuthenTec has only 230 employees. Nice fit for Apple.”
  • “iOS mobile payments (if Apple decides to move forward with it) also seem like a good fit for AuthenTec’s tech.”

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