Facts About Apple's Business That Will Blow Your Noggin

steve jobs

Photo: AP

Apple delivered a blow out quarter last night.We dug through the numbers and pulled out 12 amazing facts about how well the company is doing.

iPhone revenue of $12.3 billion was 50% of the company's revenue for the quarter

This was the biggest iPhone quarter ever, and the first time the March quarter beat the Christmas quarter. Thank you Verizon!

iTunes had $1.4 billion in sales, which is what analysts expect Barnes & Noble to report for sales in its current quarter

Apple's cash pile is now $65.8 billion, which means it can't afford Facebook, but ...

Apple could buy Groupon (~$20 billion), Twitter (~$10 billion), and Zynga (~10 Billion) with change left over to buy LinkedIn (~$3 billion) and Pandora (~$1.2 billion).

71 million people visited Apple's retail stores during the March quarter, which is about same amount of people that paid to attend a Major League Baseball game last season (73 million)

Apple's revenue growth was 83%. For context, Google was 27% in its most recent quarter, and Microsoft is expected to be 12%.

Apple's Mac has outgrown the PC market for 20 quarters in a row

Apple gets $660 per iPhone on average including accessories and $604 per iPad on average including accessories. Crazy because the iPhone is a much smaller device.

Apple's $660 average selling price for an iPhone blows out the nearest competitor.

Baird analyst William Power says HTC is the second closest to Apple with a $364 average selling price. RIM is in third with $302. (Of course, those other companies have a wider line of handsets dragging on their averages.)

Apple is now the biggest phone maker as measured by revenue

Apple has paid $2 billion to iOS developers since opening its App Store.

Apple's revenue from China was $5 billion in last two quarters, a 400% increase, and it only has 4 stores in China!

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