Apple Is Planning A Massive Cafeteria For Employees, Here's What It Will Look Like

Apple cafeteria

Apple is planning to build a new cafeteria near its Cupertino offices that will be open to employees only, according to a Mercury News report via TheNextWeb.   

Apple’s plans, which were approved this week by the Cupertino Planning Commission, call for building a 21,468 square foot cafeteria that

The goal of the new cafeteria, according to the report, is to give Apple employees a place to talk shop off campus “without fear of eavesdropping from competitors.”

Translation: if someone happens to be testing a new iPhone here and loses it, at least no one outside Apple will find out about it.

The new building will have two floors which include a cafeteria and multiple areas to sit and chat.

There will be 70 parking spots for employees and a massive underground garage.

The cafeteria will be built on the corner of Bandley Dr. and Alves Dr. in Cupertino, within walking distance of many Apple offices.

Here's the blueprint for what the main level of the new building will look like.

These are the buildings that surround the new cafeteria.

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

Want to see more of Apple's new building?

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