Here's How Rare It Is For Apple To Have A Gigantic Up Move Like It's Having Today

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Apple is up a huge 6.69 per cent, a massive move considering that it’s a company with a market cap over $500 billion.

So how rare is a move like this?

Jonathan Krinsky at Miller Tabak breaks it down:

As of 3:25 PM, AAPL is up 6.81%, which may sound like a lot for the world’s biggest market cap., but since 2003, the stock has seen 22 bigger moves to the upside. The biggest was a 13.90% move higher on October 13th, 2008 in the depths of the financial crisis. 

Krinsky goes on to note, however, than since the 2009 lows, this is the 3rd biggest move ever, and the 2nd biggest this year, with the stock having rallied nearly 9 per cent after its April 25 earnings report.


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