Apple Updated Some Apps And Said They're Compatible With The 'iPhone 6'

Apple updated some of its own iPhone apps like iMovie and Pages recently, saying they’re compatible with “iPhone 6.” We first saw the news on The Verge.

Let’s be clear. This is probably a typo. Here’s a screenshot of the description for Apple’s iMovie app for iPhone:

Apple will announce its new iPhone at a big event on Sept. 10. Most early reports say the new iPhone will be a modest upgrade from the current iPhone 5 and will likely be called the iPhone 5S.

You can also expect Apple to announce a lower-priced iPhone made out of plastic. Some people are calling that plastic iPhone the iPhone 5C. (The “C” stands for “Colour.” The rumour is that the plastic iPhone will come in a variety of colours.)

Of course, we won’t know for sure what Apple plans to call the next iPhones until the devices are formally announced on Sept. 10.

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