Apple Is Looking For A New CFO — Approached Blackstone CFO For The Job

peter oppenheimer

[credit provider=”Apple”]

Apple is apparently looking for a new CFO.Apple approached Laurence Tosi, CFO of private equity giant Blackstone about taking the same role at Apple, Bloomberg reports.

Tosi is said to have turned down the job, preferring to remain at Blackstone.

Apple’s current CFO is Peter Oppenheimer. He has been in the job since 2004.

Bloomberg says it has three sources on this story, but Apple PR says, it is “not conducting a CFO search,” and Oppenheimer “loves the company and is extremely happy in his role.”

So that’s a non-denial denial, basically.

Bloomberg also notes that Tosi has experience in acquisitions. If it’s looking for Tosi to be CFO, it could be a signal that Apple wants to start using its giant pile of cash to buy companies.