Apple is offering up to $20 in bonus App Store credit, but it's hidden inside an iPhone menu. Here's how to find it

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  • Apple is offering a 10% bonus if you add money to your Apple ID before December 20.
  • You can get as much as $US20 in bonus credit if you deposit $US200 into your Apple account.
  • Finding the offer is tricky. Here’s how you do it.

Apple is quietly offering a 10% bonus on App Store credit if you buy it before Thursday.

If you add $US200 to your Apple ID, you can get up to a $US20 bonus. The credit can be used toward purchases on the App Store, iTunes, iCloud storage, and other Apple services – but not devices.

You’ll need a working payment method and an iPhone to get this credit. It’s found in Settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store > Your Apple ID. Then click on “View Apple ID” on the popup, and go to Add Funds to Apple ID.

Apple has increasingly been offering discounts on its products and services recently. It’s been trying new discount-oriented marketing strategies for its devices. Historically, Apple doesn’t like to discount its own products and services.

Earlier this month, it started advertising new iPhones with a discounted price if you trade-in an older iPhone. It also sent a one-time coupon code to Apple Music subscribers offering them 15% off of a HomePod speaker.

Apple is also further focusing on services revenue to be a growth driver as device sales slow.

But for you, it means that you get 10% free credit to spend on apps or iTunes.

Here is how you do it:

Itunes creditBusiness Insider

Then you’ll see a pop-up. Tap on View Apple ID and make sure you have a payment card linked to your account.

Apple ID creditBusiness Insider

It works!

Add funds to apple idBusiness Insider

There’s also a shortcut at the bottom of the App Store app.

Add funds to apple id 2Business Insider

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