It's only going to get harder for new apps to get noticed

It’s harder than ever for a new app to stand out. People simply aren’t using as many apps as they used to, and recent research has shown that the top 1% of the App Store’s paid app publishers collect 94% of the platform’s revenue. Essentially, if you aren’t Facebook, Snapchat, or one of the other few known identities, you’re yelling against a very strong wind.

Yet, as this chart from Statista shows, the field is only going to get more crowded. According to app research platform Sensor Tower, the number of active apps in the App Store is projected to nearly double by the end of 2020. Sensor Tower thinks we’ll hit more than 5 million at that point, well over the current 2.5 million or so that’s out there today.

Even with Apple’s new revenue splitting policies, this could make discoverability an even bigger puzzle for aspiring app developers to solve.

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