The iPhone App Store Generates 4X The Revenue The Android App Store

scott forstall

Photo: AP

The top 200 grossing apps in iPhone’s app store generated four times as much revenue as the top 200 grossing apps in the Android app market, says mobile analytics company Distimo.It also says the top apps in the iPad app store are generating double the revenue of the Android app market.

Distimo doesn’t break out specific numbers, and didn’t respond to a request for information on the absolute numbers it estimates for each market.

As Android continues to take smartphone market share, stats like this are important to keep in mind. The growth in market share only matters if Apple loses its appeal with developers. Once it loses developers it loses its edge in software/applications.

Once it loses the edge in applications, it really loses out. It makes it difficult to sell phones to users. Would you want a phone with inferior applications?

For now, Google is totally blowing its market share lead. For some reason people aren’t paying for apps through Android. The mobile ad market is not big enough to offset this problem, and arguably it will never be all that big — tiny banner ads won’t work.

Unless Google figures out a way to sell more apps, or generate more revenue for developers, Apple will remain the first choice for developers making the best software in the world.

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