Apple is killing its line of routers

Apple has disbanded the division within the company that develops its wireless routers, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

The engineers who formerly worked on the AirPort Extreme, Airport Express, and AirPort Time Capsule have been moved to other products, including the Apple TV, according to the report. Apple’s routers create Wi-Fi home networks to connect computers and phones to the internet.

Apple’s routers have never been a big business for the company. Apple reports its router revenue as “other bets,” as opposed to Mac or iPhone sales, which are reported individually.

The company has not updated the devices since 2013 and the decision has not been officially announced by the company.

A premium device

AirPort Express Router AmazonApple’s $99 AirPort Express

Apple’s routers have always been premium-priced devices, compared to routers from other brands. They start at $99 and the AirPort Time Capsule costs $299. They have an easy-to-use setup that works well for households with other Apple products.

Apple’s decision to reportedly exit the router business comes as other companies, such as Google and Eero, have embraced new router technologies. These next-generation routers come with several different access points, for better Wi-Fi coverage, and can cost up to $499.

Earlier this year, Apple killed one of its legacy product lines, external desktop monitors. The company pointed people who wanted an Apple-approved setup to an LG-branded option.

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