Apple-affiliated Twitter account says 'cool new Apple products are coming'

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo: Scott Olson/ Getty Images.
  • An Apple-affiliated Twitter account said Monday that “cool new Apple products are coming.”
  • It’s a funny way to tease a job listing. If you work for Apple, you’ll get to work on stuff that hasn’t come out yet, obviously.

Apple is in charge of WebKit – software that forms the backbone of browsers including Safari and Google Chrome for iOS.

Although lots of companies contribute to WebKit, because it’s open-source, Apple has ownership over the project. It also owns the trademark for the WebKit logo. That’s why this tongue-in-cheek tweet with a job listing may raise some eyebrows.

In it, it says “cool new Apple products are coming.”

“Pssst! Can you keep a secret? Cool new Apple products are coming and WebKit needs your help to take full advantage of the [redacted]. The WebKit Platform Integration team is waiting to hear from you!”

It’s clearly a joke – this tweet is hardly a promise and whoever wrote it probably doesn’t know all the details about Apple’s future roadmap – but it also underscores the pitch Apple gives to prospective employees.

Not only do Apple employees get to work on what are often cutting-edge technologies, they get to do it at huge scale: hundreds of millions of devices. They also get to work on stuff that’s still ultra-secret before Apple reveals it to the world.

That’s in addition to the pay, the perks, and the new $US5 billion headquarters in Cupertino, California.

So really, the rare mention of “cool new Apple products” is just a way to advertise this position. Of course Apple is working on new products. The next iPhone and its operating system, iOS 12, come to mind. We may see some in June, at the company’s annual developer’s conference, or in September, when Apple usually launches new iPhones.

In the meantime, if you have the skills of a “WebKit Platform Integration Engineer” and want to work on a team that handles “HTML Editing, touch events, Apple Pay, and recent hardware-inspired features such as WebKit’s Touch Bar, 3D Touch, and Force Touch supports,” check out the job listing here.

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