Here's How Steve Jobs Staged An Advertising Coup In A 1984 Issue Of Newsweek

apple magazine coup

Photo: Quality In Print

When you think of Apple advertising in 1984, you immediately think of the company’s iconic “Big Brother” commercial during the Super Bowl.But Apple also refused to pull its punches when it came to magazine advertising — it bought all of the advertising space in a 1984 issue of Newsweek.

This was the first time, and possibly the only time, that this had ever happened.

Gordon Pritchard of Quality in Print shares scans of the ads. Check out some of our favourites here, then head over to his site to see the rest.

No hint of Apple on the cover, obviously, but when we open it up...'s staring right at you

Hints of the famous minimalist style to come

Showing off the reviews

A tri-fold ad selling hard

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