The Apple TV is going to get easier to use after Apple added voice dictation

Apple has released iOS 9.2 beta 3 for the Apple TV, which includes a much simpler way to control the device. 

Inputting text on the TV was a struggle before as each character had to be selected via the remote. Now, however, Siri does the heavy lifting and can input text, names, and details, such as email addresses, according to MacRumors.

Apple previously added support for the iPhone’s Remote app, and the addition of Siri makes it even easier. 

MacRumors has made a video showing how Siri dictation works. 

Apple released its new TV last year as an update to the previous model that included a new remote, with touchscreen, and a focus on apps. 

An analysis of the App Store on the TV showed that the majority of the available apps are games, many of which cost just one or two dollars. 

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