Apple Adding Location To Next Version Of Mac OS? (AAPL)


An interesting tidbit from AppleInsider: Apple could be incorporating location features into the next version of Mac OS X. Besides making Internet maps and directories (like Yelp) easier to use, this could potentially help companies like Google (GOOG) upsell location-based advertising. (Assuming Web browsers could share location info with servers.)

If true, this could potentially be good news for Boston-based Skyhook Wireless, which makes a GPS-like location platform based on wi-fi. Apple already uses Skyhook in the iPhone and iPod touch, which suggests it could be their technology partner for the Mac, too. (Computers do not have GPS.)

Skyhook uses a database of wi-fi hotspots to triangulate your location. Pictured: An (oldish) example of the hotspots they track in just a few blocks of New York City.

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