Newly discovered Apple ad from 1984 promised a $24,000 salary for a senior engineer

A fun piece of Apple history was uncovered hiding behind a mirror in Silicon Valley.

When Reddit user polar8 took down his bathroom mirror while renovating, he discovered some old copies of the San Jose Mercury News from July, 1984 nestled behind it.

One of the help wanted ads in those old newspapers was for a senior engineer position at Apple Computer, which was at that time, an 8-year old company that had just launched the Macintosh, the first home computer with a mouse. John Sculley was CEO. 

The ad suggests that Apple was having trouble making enough Macs. 

“When Apple Computer developed the Macintosh, we knew a lot of people would want one. We just didn’t figure they’d all want one at once,” the ad says.

The classified goes on to list requirements, including two years’ supervisory experience, and assembly programming skills.

The best part? The minimum salary was $24,000, or about $56,000 today.

Check out the help wanted ad for yourself. We’d guess the position has been filled by now: 



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