Apple Just Hired Someone That Should Make The IPhone's Photo Taking Better

Apple has hired* John Papandriopoulos, the developer behind SnappyLabs, an innovative photography application, TechCrunch reports.

SnappyLabs made an app that did quick burst photography delivering high resolution photos snapped at 20-30 frames per second, which is faster than Apple’s native camera app, says TechCrunch.

There’s no word on what Papandriopoulos will be doing at Apple, but obviously, it will be something related to camera software/photo software.

While many people think that smartphones are becoming commoditized devices with near feature parity, cameras are one area that can still be improved, and used for differentiation. If Apple can make the iPhone’s camera significantly better than its rivals, then it’s a huge selling point.

Read more on the company at TechCrunch >

*Or, we suppose, in the parlance of our times, Apple “acquired” SnappyLabs.

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