Apple (AAPL): IPhone Apps Store Could Lead To Huge iPhone Sales

From Silicon Alley Insider: Next Monday, Apple (AAPL) chief Steve Jobs is expected to show off the long-awaited, second-edition iPhone. But some of the most important products Jobs will demo won’t be made by Apple — they’ll be software apps created by other companies for the new iPhone/iPod touch platform.

Here’s who we know is involved: Big firms like Time Warner’s (TWX) AOL, Electronic Arts (ERTS), Sega, THQ (THQI), (CRM) — and startups like SixApart, Readdle, WebIS, Pelago, and whoever’s making that cool multi-player Pong game. We also expect coders who made apps for “jailbroken” iPhones to develop official apps, like the popular Twitter client Twinkle and the MobileScrobbler. And at some point, we think Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) will create some nifty iPhone apps, too.

Why is the iPhone platform so important? Because it’s the first mainstream mobile software platform with a centralized app store, a purchasing system iTunes users are already accustomed to (and are already signed up for), and a user-friendly installation system. Because of this, we think the iPhone has the chance to be the first phone that most users — not just a few — buy, install, and use third-party software for. Which could lead to huge success down the line for Apple.

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