Apple (AAPL) iPhone to UK Nov. 9, O2, $537

From Apple 2.0 blog:

The 8 GB model running on the EDGE network (not 3G) goes on sale Nov. 9 for £269 ($537), including VAT, and will be carried by O2….According to a report in The Guardian yesterday, O2 may be paying Apple a kickback of as much as 40% of its iPhone revenue for the privilege of carrying the phone. Jobs declined to discuss the terms of its revenue-sharing plan.

O2, which will be partnering with Carphone Warehouse to sell the iPhone, is offering three 18-month plans — £35 ($70), £45 ($90) and £55 ($110) a month — each with nearly unlimited data (although there is a limit of 1,400 Internet pages per day)…Jobs defended the decision to use the slower EDGE network and Wi-Fi Internet access where available rather than the 3G networks that are widely deployed in the U.K. and Europe. “The 3G chipsets are real power hogs” that cut into battery life, he said, repeating the rational he used in the U.S. But he held out the hope that 3G iPhones could arrive in 2008. “3G needs to get back up to 5+ hours, something we think well see later next year,” he said.