Take A Look At The Ridiculous Clothing Line Apple Released In The '80s

Apple might be known for its minimalistic aesthetic now, but there was a time when that wasn’t true.

Back in 1986, Apple released a clothing line it called “The Apple Collection,” filled with oversized sweatshirts, windbreakers, and obnoxiously bright patterns.

It’s hard to imagine that black-turtleneck aficionado Steve Jobs would have approved of these clothes — the catalogue was released a year after he left the company.

Laura Stampler contributed to this story.

The vibe of the catalogue is very different from Apple's current aesthetic.

Rather than sleek minimalism, these looks scream colour.

And it definitely seemed to be targeting a preppy demographic.

There's no sign of a black turtleneck here.

Apple's vintage trucker hats make Ashton Kutcher the perfect choice to play Jobs in the movie.

Apple has obviously updated its logo since.

The company even planned out some looks for the kids.

Imagine these guys camping outside Apple stores for an iPhone.

This is a more patriotic look.

This sweatshirt is the ultimate in Apple-themed loungewear.

There were also tons of accessories for the ultimate Apple fanboys.

The original Apple watch.

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