Apple has fundamentally changed the iPhone

The iPhone’s no longer built for swiping and tapping.

Today, Apple introduced 3D Touch for its newest line of iPhones, and it will fundamentally change how iPhone owners use their phone.

Instead of just tapping to open an app, you can press deeper into the screen to open a preview or a menu. If you let it go, it will close.

For example, if a friend sends you a link via text message, just pressing on it will open up a preview of the site. In Apple’s mail app, you can press on an email and see a preview of it pop up on the screen.

There’s even a shortcut to go straight to the selfie cam.

The 3D Touch will change how Apple users interact with the home screen of apps and within it.

When you have the home screen up, applying a harder touch on app icons will pull up menus like Maps, as seen below.

The 3D Touch will give you options to automatically navigate home or quickly send your location. To do that now with an iPhone, a user would have to open the maps app, type in their address for home, and then hit the navigate button. But 3D Touch changes that to just pressing down on the screen and moving to the “directions home” button.

It’s not just limited to the home screen apps or even ones that Apple has made.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president, demonstrated how Instagram, which pairs nicely with the new selfie-cam shortcut, uses 3D Touch.

If you press and hold down on the Instagram app, a mini menu will pop up that will take you into your photo stream. When you’re looking at someone’s profile, pressing down on a photo will expand that image from a thumbnail to a larger photo.

Not to be left out, Facebook also built quick menu items to work with 3D Touch. Its mini menu lets you choose from updating your status, taking a photo, checking in, and searching.

And 3D Touch also lets you switch between apps easily by just holding down and swiping.

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