Apple Filed A Patent So Your iPhone Will Know What You Look Like

3d face

Photo: Apple Insider

Apple is showing continued interest in facial recognition technology, reports Apple Insider.A patent application assigned to Apple has surfaced under the name of”3D Object Recognition.” The patent was initially filed by Swedish company Polar Rose when Apple acquired it in 2010 for $29 million.

The 3D objects to be recognised in this case are faces. The system can take a two-dimensional source image of a person’s face and render it in 3D, then compare the render to a stored 3D model for increased accuracy.

Our first thought was an iOS face-unlock feature like that on Android, but this isn’t necessarily a consumer-based technology. The patent paperwork outlines a number of government and military applications, as well as “methods for identifying a range of features such as an entire human body, inner organs, blood vessels, or even tumors.”

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