Finally! Apple is back!

The stock broke $US100 today after getting two big boosts from RBC and Morgan Stanley.

The stock fell back a little right after cracking $US100, but then bounced back and has been as high as $US100.21. We expect it jump by a few cents on either side of $US100 for the rest of the day.

According to Bloomberg, this is the first time it’s hit this level since September of 2012. The split-adjusted high for Apple is $US100.72, according to Bloomberg.

Analysts and investors have gotten bullish on Apple as they anticipate the iPhone 6 coming this fall. Apple is expected to sell a 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch iPhone. Both of those screen sizes dwarf the current iPhone 5S which is 4-inches.

In addition to the iPhone 6, Apple is expected to roll out the iWatch, a wearable gadget, and Apple’s first major new product line since the iPad.

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