Appcelerator: Developer Interest In Android Has Cratered, But It's Starting To Improve

Despite the explosive growth of Android’s market share, it hasn’t won over developers.

In fact, developer interest in Android has been in decline for a year now, according to the latest report from Appcelerator/IDC. They survey over 3,000 developers to get their take on the which platforms are most interesting.

As you can see in the chart below (click to enlarge it) interest in Android has been declining. However, they say, “the recent erosion in developer interest in Android appears to have been arrested.” To our eyes it looks like it’s still in decline.

Two reasons the decline has slowed down is the huge growth of Android handset sales coupled with Google’s “Play” store, which developers hope will rival iTunes, according to the report.

developer interest

Photo: Appcelerator/IDC

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